Team Buildings

TEAM BUILDINGS: Here at Flip Out, we know the power that a well-executed team building session can have on a team and so we put our all into making sure that your team will have a day out that they will not forget any time soon. But what makes for a stand-out team building session? Stand-out team building is far more than merely getting to know each other. It is a well thought out program of team building activities and exercises that are focused on core values. Here at Flip Out EGYPT, we focus our team building activities on our Super 7 values: Communication Teamwork Sportsmanship Responsibility Confidence Trust Leadership Flip Out’s goal is to give you a team building session like you have never experienced before. You, too, can now flip out of the office and join the flippin’ race for the best team building experience in Egypt.
Mall of Arabia, Gate 9 Cairo, Egypt